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RIP Matiss Kivlenieks


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Sad :( First Latvian goalie to ever beat Canada (with a shutout no less). Dead at 24.

*Edit: First it was reported he slipped by a hot-tub and hit his head, but now it was updated, and he died in a firework accident, a mortar shot him in the chest.






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Did you guys see the layout at Manny Legace's house? I guess they were lighting them off at the fire pit area on the lake. Sweet setup with the hot tub overlooking the lake. Crazy accident.


Where I was with my family on the 4th - there were neighbors lighting fireworks. I had that feeling of 'this could be a bad spot' and moved my boys. 

Terrible accident.

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28 minutes ago, seagoal said:

More info here.  I knew they were at Manny Legace's house, but didn't know what the occasion was.



Merzlikins said he and his pregnant wife, Aleksandra, were hugging about 20-30 feet behind Kivlenieks when he was hit in the chest with a stray mortar.

"He saved my (unborn) son. He saved my wife and he saved me," Merzlikins said. "He saved many lives. … If that wouldn't have been me, my wife or son, it would've been 50 other people. He died a hero. And that's not me saying it. That was the doctor saying it. If he would just sit, it wouldn't have happened. … I just wanted to let you know that he was a hero. He saved a lot of lives."


Merzlikins said their son, due in September will have Matiss as a middle name.

The feels...

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13 minutes ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Not trying to take anything away from the kid but the first reports I remember reading was that he died due to head trauma after hitting his head on concrete diving out of the way of a firework accident.  Now the report is that he took a motor to the chest?

Yeah, he dove in front of a firework mortar that had tipped over. Saved a lot of lives.

Biggest save he ever made.

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1 minute ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Yea definitely, god bless

For sure.  I put a stick out for him that day, this really got to me and hit me hard that day. Life is so fragile and can turn tragic so damn fast. 

I bet Elvis pays him tribute on his mask next year.  

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10 hours ago, seagoal said:

I bet Elvis pays him tribute on his mask next year.  

Merzlikins has seen quite a bit of tragedy already in his life. His father died when he was 3. His mother re-married and moved to Switzerland, and then she died when he was in his teens (his step-father was a hockey coach). I'm sure having another Latvian goalie on Columbus, they must have gotten pretty close, and this must have been hard on him.

On the bright side, being married with a kid on the way, I hope he has some more positive things to look forward to in the future....

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