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Looking for new gear? *Pro Hockey Life please read!*


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Hey guys,

I have a chest protector from Pro Hockey Life that I got as a gift however the store won't give me any credit because of no receipt, however they will let me make an exchange BUT I don't want anything.

I'm reaching out to anyone who is looking for anything new, chesty, skates, glove and blocker, whatever you like please let me know and I will try to make a switch, I will also try and save you some money, this can be more welcoming for you guys in the USA with the exchange rate.  My chesty is $650 plus tax around $725.

Please look on the website and find anything that's $650 or more and we can go from there, I need the money and can use it, I will try to help you too, I will ship as well!

www.prohockeylife.com please look

Please PM me, thank you.

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On 3/10/2019 at 7:17 AM, SaveByRichter35 said:

Also, listing the c/a you have and some pictures will help as well.

It's a CCM  Premier Pro, I'm not sure how the market is for people wanting it, that's why I put down that if people are looking for new gear they can have anything $650 Canadian value or more for the site products.  If anyone is serious enough PM me and we will go from there.

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This is confusing. What exactly is the motivation for someone to take this deal? Why don't they just buy what they want and have their own warranty and receipt and not one in your name?

And if you say it's because you're giving them a discount then why not just sell the C/A yourself like suggested above?

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20 minutes ago, mr_shifty1982 said:

No because I wouldn't mind taking a loss of $50, thanks

It's not really a loss if you never spent anything in the first place lol.

Either way, it is kind of an odd thing you're trying to do here. Pretty sure just selling the unit flat out makes a lot more sense.

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