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Cage Color

What color cage?   

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  1. 1. What Color Cage?

    • White
    • Red

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1 hour ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

You know how most classic masks, basically anything pre-DaveArt, used to have a white outline behind the cage instead of the whole mask painted?  Do that except red on the white mask.

I know the concept of a widow, but I've never seen the red window 

was hoping for an example 

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On 7/10/2017 at 1:26 PM, TheGoalNet said:

shiiiiittttt..... Red is winning. I was really hoping to stick with white haha 

But, I am committed to letting the "crowd" win. I will do what's picked. Looks like we need an IG contest to get some more votes... 

You're nothing but a con artist.

Red > White, not even close.

Of course I kid, if that wasn't apparent enough.

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Really depends on the mask and the setup. If your jerseys are red, then red all day long. If your jersey changes every week or is black or white, stick with white.

I generally prefer white just for vision reasons, but I do have a blue one as well. 

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37 minutes ago, BadAngle41 said:

After taking another look at my latest cage... and being reminded how easy it is to get it powder coated... I think I'll be sending it out to go from Gold to White. I think I was just trying to convince myself I liked it.


Colors look cool, but I find them distracting. 

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