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True Design - 2X Pro Set DELIVERED


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8 hours ago, Hockey3081 said:

@BadAngle41 didn’t you just sell the correct set on Sideline? What happened there?

Sure did. Really what it came down to was the glove's break angle. I thought I'd get used to it but just couldn't. My plan was to sell the 2X gloves and pick up a 2S (or UltraSonic) glove with the same true design... but I quickly realized that selling the glove alone wasn't going to work that well as no one else had a matching set. So I just sold the whole thing. 

Figured it was the summer... I still have my EFs I could use while I got another set on order. Question will now be what to get next? With Bauer's Pro Custom options I could easily get the same set I had with 2X and all of the UltraSonic upgrades... OR go with CCM's Axis line (although graphics aren't my up of tea the strapping and performance both look to be great)... OR with Lefebvre. Love the look of L87s although I wish they could just skin a set of L20s with L87... TBD.

I found that I really did like the combination of big rebounds with a soft boot break... something I had been in search of for a number of years... ironically it is what every manufacturer is moving towards if they haven't made it already. 2X Blocker and Leg Pads were super easy to get dialed in and performed fantastic. 

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