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Calling all Graf Users: Graf/CCM Hybrid Help


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So after these 9035s sitting in my gear closet for several months, I am finally moving forward with getting them broken in.  I haven't baked them yet, just wearing them at my desk at work(I removed the cowling so I am just wearing the boot).  I will get them properly baked sometime soon.  Anyway, holy shit I hope this tongue is moldable too because It is just digging into the top of my foot.  Granted to do have them cranked down pretty tightly, but still.  It is way worse in my right skate than my left.  I even switched to the outside in lacing method and it still hurts.  I'll have to go back and re-read this thread to see if there is anyone else mentioning this pain as well.

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Wearing them again this morning at work(night shift to day shift quick turn 👎).  My feet were still sore from last night, it was very painful putting them on again this morning.  Its like the extra padding in the tongue to protect from lace bite is having the opposite effect on my feet.  Its crushing the boney area of the top of my foot.  I hope baking will remedy that.

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So everything has come full circle with this...project.

The skates that kind of started this craze, my 7500 boots mounted to CCM XSG holders.

These have since been converted and relegated to inline skates, which will unfortunately probably rarely ever get used.

And the new skates that took over as my primary ice skate.

I’ll work on a proper review later on tonight while I’m at work.  It’s too difficult doing this from my phone at home and my kids are too needy haha. 

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    • By Gruia Radu
      For the past couple of months i’ve owned a pair of stock CCM Axis 1.9 pads, original strapping and all. Ever since I got them, I can’t seem to get my knee to land on the knee blocks. When I go down into a butterfly, my knees always land below the knee blocks, causing my pads to rotate upwards and the face to shift upwards. this has affected my play and i’m not sure what I can do, i’ve tried many things. 
    • By Damon Nash
      I am currently looking into getting a new pair of skates. i currently wear a Bauer Supreme 2sPro size 8.5D, i am having issues with the depth of the ankle area of the skate, my inner ankle bone specifically. i have these little ankle socks with silicone pads i wear to even just put on the skates, as my inner ankle bone has gotten so bruised, the ankle pads help, but only so much. i went to my nearest source for sports here in Winnipeg, and tried on a set of pro return True 2-piece custom skates. right out of the gate they fit me surprisingly well, they were hard to get on, and the skate was pretty snug width and depth wise overall, and i had much much more ankle depth which felt great. but i have a few questions regarding the Trues.
      1. since they are pro stock, would i still have a warranty on them? they are brand new never used. only reason im asking is because ive heard a mix of good and bad reviews with the durability.
      2. Will they form well to my feet if they were built for someone else?
      3. What thickness is the step steel on the 2-piece holders?
      4. Is the maintenance as important as im reading? ie. taking the footbeds out after every skate, putting them infront of a fan, etc.
      5. when baking them, how many times should i bake them? i baked my 2spros 3 different times to get them feeling somewhat okay.
      6. does anyone else have any experience with pro stock true skates? if so, how have they been?
      i have tried ccm skates, and my foot just does not fit in those, at all, even after baking them, i used to wear Grafs and those were so comfy, i have not tried vapor skates, but id imagine id have a similar issue with those as im having with my 2spros. id also rather not drop a grand on vapor skates if i can get these trues for half the price, and they end up fitting me better anyways.
      Edit*: doing some digging, I have also found that Goaliemonkey.com sells true pro stock skates for about 700$ U.S, reading the reviews off of that, it seems like the skates bake well to other peoples feet, which I guess would make sense considering the way the skate is built. That does bring me some sanity lol. I had also called my local store about warranties, and got some good news. 
      “ the boots have a 90 day warranty, the holders and steel have a 1 year warranty” which is good since I’ve read the rivets like to come loose on these skates! 
      thanks for the read! any help/guidance would be awesome!!
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