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Goal stick shafts...cut it or leave it?


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25 minutes ago, dstew29 said:

Do most of you cut down the stock shaft or leave alone? Any rules of thumb for proper sizing? 

I cut mine down; but only a few inches. I like it - but then I’ve never NOT played with a cut down shaft. I heard Price talking about why he cut his down, and it made sense to me, so I tried it and it worked.

I also tried the tape job he does. Changed it the very next skate; that shit did NOT work for me! Lol!

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Cut mine down... 3"-4" or so... 26" from the top of the paddle.

Why I like it...

Easier puck handling in tight situations... like behind the net.

Has helped my shot/passing (Mostly classic underhand style shooter - natural righty, but shoot left in goal... no Cujo.)

Shorter length if the shaft ends up inside the post on an RVH or similar type of play... I don't need to move my hand very far or reposition my body to get it back to the outside and it doesn't get caught-up in the netting.

Less effort required to use your stick for things at full extension when held near the knob... (especially with the new composites)

What I don't like...

Has slightly reduced my range for poke checking, diving to poke away loose pucks or reaching across the crease in desperation.


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I cut my sticks down drastically on my Warrior SR2, Sherwoof GS530, CCM 500, but since I got my Lehner sticks I havent bothered, even though theyre gigantic. I find it helps with getting better leverage when stick handling, while a shorter stick gives you easier control, but less leverage. Youll be able to control it better when its shorter bc itll bring it closer to you while the longer stick brings it father from you

My SR2, which is the same height as the other ones i mentioned, has a 28' shaft. The Lehner stick has a 32.5' shaft

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Intersting that a number of you trim down. I’ve been using a stock CCM P2 since I started again playing last year. I randomly had it resting next to an old Koho I had from college and noticed I must have cut down my old sticks some - maybe 1.5-2.0”. Think I might give it a try since my stick handling / passing feels awkward still.

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  • SaveByRichter35 changed the title to Goal stick shafts...cut it or leave it?

I never cut mine until about 2 months ago. Only cut one (tried with one in case I didn't like it, didn't want to be stuck with 4 cut sticks) to try it out. Took 3" off total. Havn't really put much practice into so can only chip in with a little info.


Stick not getting caught in the net when I switch from post to post.

Arm not cocked awkwardly when I handle the puck/shoot/pass.

Feel like I'm moving my stick faster. I.E. short range pokes


Poke check is shorter (think someone said it above).

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This opens up an interesting train of thought for me.

A lot of us hobbyist goalies like tweaking our gear, but sometimes I feel like we do it just to do it.

IMO we should have an end result in mind before we make any drastic changes to our gear.

In this case, a shorter shaft helps with getting control on the puck when it's closer to your feet.
(try playing the puck standing up, then playing the puck from your knees)
Now that I mention it, it's gonna help you play the puck when you've got one or both knees down.

I've successfully discussed "being on your knees" in a thread about shafts.  I think I'm done for the night.

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I cut some... in fact I took a little off the top of both of my 2s Pros and BPM 150. I'd say I did it for puck handling, but the truth is I don't puck handle all that often or as well as I would like. One point that hasn't been brought up so far though is what happens to BALANCE when you cute down the shaft.

You will change the balance point of the stick, it's center of mass, depending on how much you remove and the type of stick you're cutting. The more you cut off... the lower the balance point. Granted if you're a big knobber... you may end up putting enough back on to bring it back close to where it was initially... but my point is that while you may reduce the overall weight of the stick... you will also change how the stick feels in your hand as the weight of the stick is essentially moved down.

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  • 5 months later...
14 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Never bothered. I probably should though. I'm not a great puck handler but I am adequate enough and I always find that I do better when I choke up my upper hand on the shaft.

I'm also pretty lazy about modding gear. 

I am like you in the opposite: no stock gear works for this rabbit...

Most gear is less than perfect in it’s stock form.

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