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R/GT Sr 10 Month Review + CR1 Review


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Hey guys,

Here it is, the infamous CoopALoop's first review! As there is a lack of senior level gear reviews and durability updates, I figured I'd knock two down with one go. 

First, let's start with the fun stuff: A full set of the R/GT Sr, purchased back in April on release day. 


Specs: Obviously all stock as it's an off the shelf senior level item. 




Let's start with the blocker. Gotta say, it's excellent. Lightweight, zero protection issues (took a good shot right off the finger protection without ANY issues) and just overall great.
Side wall is rigid and protective without any floppiness. 


Only issues I've had is due to some fraying on the removable palm. This is mostly due to a few cycles through the washing machine. 

Only thing I've changed is I've put it to the lowest hand position, akin to a Vaughn velocity blocker. I love me some paddle down and greatly prefer how it balances on my hand in this fashion. The mid level, (akin to almost every other blocker) has always felt awkward to me and despite trying my hardest to get used to it, I just can't.


Final Verdict: Excellent. 


Ohh Baby, the glove. The most amazing, vacuuming, protective, lightweight god damn glove ever. I absolutely love this thing. 


With a catching angle of 70 degrees, this glove just sits right with me. Pucks rarely pop out, I've gotten 3 stingers in almost a year of use and the lack of a wrist strap (while taking some time to get used to) just makes this glove perfect in my eyes in regards to a performance standpoint. 



I only have one issue, the durability of the Tee. This is mostly my fault. I have an awful habit of pushing the Tee against my blocker prior to getting set (just see my vids) and doing that has led to this. 


While I don't think any functionality has been affected, nor any super long term durability, it is an area of concern that is probably mostly due to me. My LT90 has this to an extent, but far less while using it for years. 


Final Verdict: Ohhh Babay! You've made me a warrior glove fan for life. 

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Leg Pads

Another item that I absolutely love. 


Warrior definitely knocked it out of the park for these. While they're advertised as a "Hybrid" pad, they sure don't play as one. Think of them as a more flexible G3. With a tapered toe, more flexible boot break, more torsional flex, they are softer than the G3, but with no upper thigh break (internal/external) and only the Int/Ext knee break, they play more rigid above the knee. 

This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a softer at the boot pad, with a stiff upper half. I have a wide enough flare that additional breaks aren't needed.

The back of the pad is identical to the G3. With the nylon/neoprene knee sling, fully enclosing calf wrap, knee drive system, ARS straps, the whole shebang. It's exactly the same as the G3. 


These pads do what they advertise with the break system at the boot. If you're unfamiliar, with the way the R/GT's are constructed, they flex in a torsional fashion that the taper becomes a full seal at the boot, without affecting the thigh rise. 


They seal well, slide great (especially coming from some V4's) and kick out rebounds. Look, if all things equal, would these slide as well as an Optik, 1S/1X, EF3? Probably not. Full flat jenpro surface definitely isn't a detriment, but with the new tech coming out (even the G4's have switched it up), you won't be getting the absolute full potential for your sliding. 

Rebounds won't kick out as far as a full hard faced pad, but the robounds are lively. I have found that the boot area kills rebounds more than the rest of the pad, but that seems to be hit and miss. 



This is a fantastic pad for those wanting to switch it up from the soft pad you're used to, to a new tech harder styled pad without doing a full switch. 

Also, one pro tip. Remove the calf wrap from the calf wedge. This will allow the calf section to move more independently from the rest of the pad and feel more natural on the leg. I've also modded the velcro on the inside by adding a adhesive backed velcro end onto the now exposed area. I left the backing on the adhesive (obviously) and this has cut down into any potential wear issues. 



Final Verdict: Excellent pads, will probably move to the G4's after these. 


Also, forgot to mention. Aside from some minor wear at the top of thigh rises due to rubbing, these pads have held up incredibly well. Better than my V4's in the same amount of time. 



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CR1 Stick

Let me preface this by saying that this is my first entry into the composite world. Prior to this it's been Reebok, Sherwood and Warrior foam cores. 

So my experience with this stick should be viewed in such a fashion. I won't be able to compare this to other composites (especially the Vibexx) but I can compare it to years of foam core usage. 


Stick is a 25" Paddle with Quick curve. Got it on a wicked sale form the Hockey Shop in Vancouver due to the fire they had. 


Now, as probably any foamcore -> composite user will say, holy crap is this thing light. I don't have a scale, and pull a @TheGoalNet and weigh it on my dealer scale, But i can attest that it's roughly half the weight of my swagger foam cores. 

Stick deflects well, my playing the puck has got better, my blocker arm (coupled with the light R/GT blocker) feels like i'm wearing nothing at all on that side. 

Now, what people are curious about. Vibexx. Does it work? Well unfortunately, due to my lack of experience of using composites, I can't directly compare to the other brands. 

Though I can say, aside from a few instances of feeling an uncomfortable vibration (which i'm assuming would be worse with another stick) this thing barely rattles the old hands. It's far more common to feel nothing than even a strike against the stick, let alone a rough vibration. 

I know IPV6 has had a different experience with this stick, I'll fully recommend this stick for anyone.   

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Couldn't agree more about the glove set.  I've yet to play with the blocker palm setting on mine.

My glove for the custom set I ordered is a double T... Judging by how good the single T is at eating pucks, the double will be a super vacuum.

Overall great write up.  I prefer the pro level overall but seeing how well your Senior set is holding up, I'd have no reservations about getting them down the line.

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All the parts are up now @cwarnar 

I'm very active on these boards, so i'll be able to answer any questions or provide more pictures if needed. 

Overall, the senior level of the R/GT's seems to be holding up pretty well for almost a year of use (2-3 times a week) and the protection level is great. So as a last word, this will be a great set for any beer leaguer and no one should be too reserved about the potential life of getting the senior level. Hell, for the half the price, I'd recommend it. 

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@coopaloop1234 I'm curious if you've had G2 pads. Mainly from a sizing perspective. How do they compare? I assume about the same.

On a side note I did the same little change with my G2's as you did with your GT's. Pulled the calf straps out of the calf wedge as well. I like the freedom of movement by doing this.

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32 minutes ago, fbraz50 said:

@coopaloop1234 I'm curious if you've had G2 pads. Mainly from a sizing perspective. How do they compare? I assume about the same.

On a side note I did the same little change with my G2's as you did with your GT's. Pulled the calf straps out of the calf wedge as well. I like the freedom of movement by doing this.

Negative. Came from V4's and P2's (Rbk) before that.

I know sizing is the same as G3's, but I don't know how that compares to the G2's.

Here is warrior's chart, incase you need it.


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20 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

Negative. Came from V4's and P2's (Rbk) before that.

I know sizing is the same as G3's, but I don't know how that compares to the G2's.

Here is warrior's chart, incase you need it.


I have G2 and G3. Would say they are the same in sizes, at least in the smaller size range.

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5 hours ago, cuprajake said:

What's your atk I'm 16.5 and moved down to a 32+1.5

F2K=21.5 and A2K=18.5

I tried on quickly a 35+1 at PHL. Mind you I didn't have a skate on nor a knee pad. In plain jane fashion, my knee sat on the higher portion of the knee block. Considering their elastic toe tie (or the Pro Laces I bought and would use) plus that i would use the boot strap, albeit quite loosely, maybe I'd be better in the 36+1 as the boot HAS to break down over time. I'm 6'2 190lbs and I figure I'd give these pads more than enough break-in for my size.

It disappoints me off that shops don't carry anything over 35", some even don't go past 34"s in their inventory.

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3 hours ago, Punisher Goalie said:

@coopaloop1234 I’m experimenting with removing the calf wrap from the calf landing as you suggest. Question - do you then pull the calf wrap tight so the leg is wrapped tightly or keep it loose?

I keep it loose. I've always worn my gear somewhat tight, but the looser feeling has just worked for me in these pads. 



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Just got my GT blocker today. Holy OMGMAFBBQ beast compared to my Smith 1000, and as light to (insert blown mind gif)!!! Can't wait to test it on the ice.

It floors me how their SR gear is so beefy, especially compared to what I used as a teen. Feels like pro gear. All that is left to get are the matching pads.

The palm glove is preset at the middle. I can kinda paddle down but it's not perfect. Will putting it at High make a huge difference/improvement? I wasn't getting much a seal with my Smith 1000 either for that matter.

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I just want to say that, I am pleased with my SR GT glove now, but disappointed that after 12 or so games, there's already some tearing at the top of the T, which means this glove might only have a 1-2 full season lifespan at most it would seem.

I wonder if this was addressed on the SR GT2? @Kirk3190

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