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Skates make noise when i walk off ice


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4 hours ago, Naz said:

Mine kind of make a "clomp clomp clomp" sound, depends on the flooring though.  I think that's pretty normal though, as every single player and other goalie seems to make that clomp clomp clomp sound.

yea not like that its very clicky

3 hours ago, aircanuck said:

My Bauer S29s sing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when I take them off. Or perhaps that's my feet rejoicing? Going to need more info regarding your landing gear issues.

its more when im walking in them 

3 hours ago, seagoal said:

One thing to check is that your blade is properly tightened.  If it's loose it'll flop up and down and make noise. 

ill check it out tommorow, good point

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My left True One-piece skate made very annoying creaking sound when walking off ice. I checked many times that the blades were properly tightened but the noice only seemed to get worse. I asked for advice from the skate dealer and they told me to remove the blade and spray a little silicone to the blade hollow. That did the trick. No more creaking since that operation.

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Have CCM U+ series skates, had same issue. I was tightening the blade screws and noticed that they were starting to dig into cowl after awhile. Solved it with several items:

- took blade off, put a layer of gorilla duct tape around the blade part with the attachment holes. I poked the holes through so there was nothing blocking the bolt.

- added washers where the bolt meets the cowl (both sides)

- used locktite blue on the threads

I check from time to time, but all of these items together have made the blade ultra solid in the holder. Going on several months now. I've taken skate blade shots and checked after and everything is still solid.

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