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The official 2022-2023 "Gear sitings" thread


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On 9/24/2022 at 1:38 PM, Lucky Pucker said:

You can go back even further: Cheveldae had a mostly red set up for years; looked sharp - especially for the time



You can go back even further, Greg Stefan



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2 hours ago, The Teal Terror said:

Yes yes yes! That’s how it’s done. I’d like to think he thought to himself, ‘I’m old enough to not worry about this all white theory and have some mf’n fun with it’.

Lots of goalies seem to be ditching the white base pads in favor of more color. Whether that be just for looks or they frankly don’t care anymore who knows. 

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20 hours ago, seagoal said:

Ned looking great in red based gear


I like the colored gear but am a little disappointed in the overall setup since a predominantly red gear kit is accompanied by a predominantly white lid. Particularly since the home unis are essentially ALL red. That said - will probably look pretty good with the aways. B+

Also - I'd like to see keepers with home/away sets across the board in the show. MORE GEAR. 

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