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GSBB - Dead?

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So this is where everyone from GSBB is hanging out. I was looking for reviews on the differences between Gnetik3 and Gnetik4 catchers lamenting that GSBB no longer exists and stumbled upon you here. R

The amount of good stuff on GSBB that was lost and most likely never to be shared again is pretty sad. Wasted many hours on GSBB - Fun times.

Yea, sad so many epic posts+threads are gone  I thought the internet was "forever". I mean nowadays with "cancel culture" people are losing their jobs over some dumb crap they posted 10-15 years ago..

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Hmm, seems to be working for me...

The forum's effectively been dead for a while now (as most of us know), but it'll be a crying shame if we can't revisit those old pages. This forum is great, but based on the considerable duration of the GSBB and the sheer volume of posts, it's a wealth of knowledge that no other goalie gear resource can come close to at this point. All of my equipment searches invariably bring me back to ole GSBB.

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It's still working for me, but the forum is essentially a graveyard. RIP

That site was lightning in a bottle.  Came around at the exact right time just before social media changed everything.

I don't think there will ever be anything bigger (despite what GGSU thinks of itself).

I wonder how much space it would take (in MB or GB) to archive everything on there.

There's a lot of chaff (ie. "what is the best place to buy pads") but there were some quality posts too.  Anything by Keeks/Steve McKichan there is gold.

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37 minutes ago, TitanG said:

That site got me into goaltending.

I had made the decision to be a goalie already, but so much of what I read there (without being a member) certainly helped ensure that I got into goaltending without making a complete ass of myself. Even now, a google search on the more esoteric aspects of goalie miscellany will lead you back to those pages.

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It still works for me. I go there sometimes, but there is not lot of new anymore. Looks like it happens to every internet forum when people move to facebook groups (btw. personaly don´t understand - yes, it is easy, but 1000x how to clean my pads & milion times how you like my set ???).

THANKS for TGN site and people here. I don´t post much, but visit every day and read everthing :). 

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2 hours ago, MTH said:

A parent at the rink told me last night that having your kid jump into the pool with all his gear on will kill the stink. 

I started crying.

What about driving over your gear with your SUV to break it in?

Or testing mask shell strength by parking a car on top of the shell?

Or testing the protection level of a jock by wearing it and taking a rubber mallet...repeatedly... to the sack?

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On 7/31/2018 at 12:45 PM, MTH said:

It's odd, I secretly wish GSBB would die. Not that I don't love the old gal, it's just sad to see her suffer.

Like a dog I guess.

I'd also like it to be finally be dead. But for different reasons.

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I joined the GSBB in 2004. It was nice overall, but it definitely made me a not-so-nice person. I learned 2 things:

  1. The hockey community "brotherhood" is overrated.
  2. somewhere, SubZeroWins is telling someone of his time in the show, and nobody will believe him.
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