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We just took our team pic last week, and thought it would be a good idea for a thread. So here it is. I'll stick some older team pics up as well...

Current team (since 2013) HC St.Ursen Grizzlies in the Sensler Cup League (Div.4 was replaced in Freiburg by this league) Oh yea, all teams are in Switzerland..


Now to dig back... to 2001, EHC Boll in Div.3


EHC Rot-Blau from 2002-2007, Div.4 (they also have a Div.1 and Senior team, which is why there's so many people in the pic)


HC Bätterkinden Flames, 2010-2012 Div.4


And the first year with my current team 2013 - ?


And some "not really my team" pics...

In 2010 I won some tourny with the Rot-Blau Senior (40+) team:


...and earlier this year (2017) I won some championship subbing for some team:


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On 12/26/2017 at 10:47 AM, estogoalie said:

Lots of character indeed. Would probably be distracting as a player, but as a fan I'd love to see a game there.

The new facility is pretty nice and they have a great youth program.

Old rinks are still way cooler.

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11 hours ago, estogoalie said:

What legs pads are you wearing in the two middle pictures, where you have the St.Louis and Canucks jerseys? 

The white ones were Simmons 991s. The sport gold are Tour pads. Roller pads. But I loved them and busted them out for some ice occasionally.

I bought the Tours from a dude named Andy Craft from the old GSBB. I swore I'd get them back to him when I was done with them. So if you know him - or are him - I have your pads bro. 

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Unfortunately I couldn't find any older pictures but here are our team pictures starting from season 2013-14 to this season. The team is called Seinäjoen Kiekko-Veljet (Hockey Brothers of Seinäjoki) and we play 3. division at local area in Finland.







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