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The official 2022-2023 "Gear sitings" thread


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19 hours ago, Bmats30 said:

Mrazek using some kind of blade tape. Not totally new as he was using it in Toronto also. EF53BB01-3C68-4D1D-AEA4-D753B8DC7AB2.thumb.jpeg.5d4fed0f6f080c9a9972e3e38ccd40bb.jpegF0283DF7-ED56-4283-82E2-ED438196BD07.jpeg.4de5cd1aa04913c8bf0e035f1f4064ce.jpeg

He's also one of a few (only) using an M1 stick in the NHL (Rittich was the only one I recall also using one, but switch to an EFlex stick in Winnipeg).

5 hours ago, Scythe said:

And a pink one?


PanthersBlueJacketsHockey (5).jpeg.jpg

Hockey Fights Cancer mask.

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3 hours ago, The Teal Terror said:

Setup of the year for me. Can’t complain one bit. Except maybe the stick should be black base. Whole things is late 90s feeling.

Markstrom has always rocked the black/red/yellow well. Even back with the Canucks, who should ditch the blue and go back. 






And the best set in a while:



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21 hours ago, ThatCarGuy said:

Found on SidelineSwap 

Nice brand new EFlex 6 chest if someone wants to feel special. 


Looks like base is closer to the the CCM Pro Stock units….but with fancy air knit mesh and materials that Pro’s can’t afford….. 



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