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R/M1 goal stick


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30 minutes ago, cwarnar said:

2nd stick line. My money is on being more in line with the Eflex 4, in terms of flex and feel.  Lots say the V1 line is very stiff

I feel this way about my V1 stick. I much prefer the softer feel of the Eflex4 stick that is my main one now.

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I’m hoping the V1 Pro+ get cheaper when this comes out so I can buy more of those lol
Also I’m 90% sure the stick has a cutout in the back where the center section of the paddle is thinner than the outer edges. This is probably to eliminate chipping and denting like a certain bauer stick.

Please keep in mind I’m just guessing here

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2 hours ago, Peter36 said:

It is going to be a much softer stick, probably lighter too. I would buy it but there isn't a 24" size, and it will cost a TON.

Softer for sure.   There isn't a 24" but there's a 23.5 and Warrior's sizing is a little different so a 25" may work for you (for reference I use a 27.5" V1 Pro+ and a 26" Eflex IV.  They're virtually identical in height. 

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1 hour ago, cwarnar said:

Very interesting cutout... Opposite 2S

Probably more structurally sound. A projectile striking a concave surface will transmit more force to it than if it were to strike a convex surface. Pucks are less likely to strike the back of the paddle, so this reduces the weight without sacrificing the durability of a convex face.

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Just picked up a Sr+ model off of goalie monkey since I had some rebound rewards discount money. I’m coming from a CR2 so it should be pretty similar. I see that it goes from 800 to 1000 minimus carbon. I really don’t see too much out of the cutout on the back, it isn’t very deep. One thing that I find interesting that is hard to show in pictures is that the front of the paddle is flat and transitions diagonally across where the W is. 
I’m a big fan of the stock color option. It’ll go well with my G5 pads that I may have seen a picture of this week  




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