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TGN Database - How do you wear your C/A + Pants?

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So I'm looking to start a little database of our own here as well as satisfy my own curiosity.

As long as I've been in net, I've always worn my C/A untucked with my pants being held up by suspenders. As we all tinker with our gear and how we wear it, switching up my method has been crossing my mind lately.

By asking the very top-notch members here about how they go about wearing the larger pieces of equipment, I'm looking to get a better idea of how other goalies go about their gear as well as foster some community interaction. If you can, please provide pictures, pictures are always welcome. :D

For myself:

C/A: Vaughn Ventus LT90

Pants: Vaughn Ventus LT88

How Do I Wear it?: Pants are worn semi-loose and held up with suspenders. C/A is untucked and semi-loose as well.

Any Issues?: I've never felt that my gear has let me down in this way, though I do feel that the stomach protection of the LT90 is less than ideal as the odd shot can leave a stinger (maybe that's normal for most users?)

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C/A: CCM Premier 1 Bernier pro return - P1 body with X-Pulse or Gatekeeper arms and back.  I added a tie down on the inside of the chest pad.  It's similar to what you see near the belly button on the front of all C/As.  Also added some extra rib protection with some air pillow pieces I found off an old set of pads.

Pants: Vaughn Vsomething.  Maybe V4 or V5.  Added an inner belt myself.

I wear pants semi loose outside, snug inside.  No suspenders.  Lace my pants through the nylon tie down I created on the inside of the chest.  C/A sits outside my pants.

No issues - wearing my chest on the outside creates a nice air cushion for pucks to die in.  Collar on the C/A hangs kind of low, but I wear a Maltese combo underneath to cover.

Happy to post pictures if you need them.



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CCM C500 pants held up with suspenders 

Heaton chest and arms with an intermediate Vaughn Ventus sewn on top.  Worn over the suspenders.

Freak incident: got crashed and in the crash, the chest and arms got pushed over and a slap shot got me bare in the liver. Yeah, it hurt.



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C/A: Howard V6 Pro Return x TGN Spec (Probably for sale soon)

Pants: CCM HP12 Canes Pro Stock 

How Do I Wear it?: Pants are worn semi-loose and held up with suspenders. C/A has Mrazek straps to hold the suspenders in place. C/A is tucked in and very tight to my torso. I have an extra set of straps that run under my arm pits. I also have a fighting strap the connects the C/A in the back 

Any Issues?: Unit is amazing in use, but it's a bit complicated to put on in the room. 

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I just got a new Bauer Reactor 9000 CA this year, after 5-6 years with my old Heaton 5. I need a mobile CA, and they are hard to find now-a-days. All the stuff I tried in the store was too big and bulky, made more for blocking, the Bauer was the only one that felt good right off the bat. There was a Vaughn that wasn't too bad weither, forgot which, Velocity I think. The CCM CA's were horrible. Couldn't move my arms. I wear suspenders over, and CA out of the pants (never understood how you can tuck it in?). Pants are TPS GP104.

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1 hour ago, coopaloop1234 said:

I"m curious, why do a lot of you guys wear your suspenders over your C/A?

I dont want a single thing around my chest / torso to move. Only my arms. The suspenders keep the unit in place and snug 

off all C&A mods, the fighting strap makes the biggest difference. It keeps the C&A in place and makes it connected to the pants on a whole new level 

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C/A: Bauer Reactor 9000 size L

Pants: Bauer 1S size XL

How do I wear it?  Tucked in with monster shoulder harnesses over top. Pants are snug but not tight. Tie the pant laces to the front loop of the c/a but not too tight otherwise it pulls down out of place. 

No issues I've had since I started tying the front laces a little less tight. Enough that it keeps the chest tucked, but doesn't pull down out of place. 

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C/A: Warrior Ritual Pro Large w/ Medium CCM AB 500 arms.

Pants: McKenney 890 Large

How Do I Wear it?: Pants are worn semi-loose. Laces have carabiner running through it and connected to the belly loop on the C/A - keeps pants up while C/A down for me (always have to mess with the tension if I change pants or c/a). 

Any Issues?: None, i've been using this system for years now. 

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CA: Warrior Ritual Pro G1, size small, modded with lower belly flap and sewn up tight where the body and rib protection split. I may add  braces straps. 

 breezers: Heavily modded Vaughn LT80, size large

Brown braces over top.

Until I became a fat ass, I was a tucker. I still tucked when I had Tackla 6000 breezers, but they fell apart and became a royal blue shell. When I lose more weight, I will tuck once again. 

Problems: none; however, since I did mod the CA to where it was optimised for tucking, it is slightly less mobile as worn outside the breezers.

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16 hours ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

How Do I Wear it?:    I use a carbiner to clip the back plate of the c/a to the back loop on the pants.

This is the best. Holds your pants up while standing - keeps your c/a from riding up when playing.

Plus I hang my pants to dry by the clip at home after playing.

Suspenders are for clowns:


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14 hours ago, LordOfTheCrease said:

C/A: Reebok P4 Pro

Tucked, Monster Hockey Shoulder Harness over top fed under floaters.

Pants: CCM EFlex shield Pro

Internal belt comfortably tight, external belt laced through holding C/A down

Anyone else use the Monster suspenders, do they really make any noticeable difference? I use the Brown suspenders 

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IDK why but I love reading these kinds of threads...

C/A: Vaughn V7 XF Pro Carbon (medium)

Pants: CCM Premier Pro (large)

How do I wear it?: C/A tucked in, suspenders over shoulder floaters with velcro straps to hold them in place. I've tried untucked with a size small pant (my waist size is 29) but hated the floaty feeling of the untucked C/A. Now everything stays in place and I look much bigger in net, plus I've already made some pant saves with the size larges I'm pretty sure I would not have in the smalls lol.

Any issues?: Putting on and taking off suspenders sucks. May buy a Monster harness to at least make it easier to remove. 

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On 22/09/2017 at 10:00 AM, TheGoalNet said:

Anyone else use the Monster suspenders, do they really make any noticeable difference? I use the Brown suspenders 

They work as good as any suspenders I've ever used.  I wouldn't say they're way better functionally than anything, but the draw for me is no real breakable parts.

I'll use anything that holds my pants up and doesn't require having a spare pair to swap out clips and rubber loops. 

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