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TGN Database - How do you wear your C/A + Pants?

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On 12/21/2017 at 10:58 PM, TheGoalNet said:

@CalValce - what is the benefit to the Monster suspenders? I know they un attach in the front? What is the benefit of that over just throwing them over your shoulder? 

I don't have to unbutton and re-button the front two button attachment points every time. I also am able to run the suspenders under the floaters as opposed to over the floaters and hope they don't either fall off the floater, or rest on the neck and irritate it during play. I didn't wear suspenders for those reasons for years, I figured I would try it. I tried it and liked it and have evolved from a dyed in the wool tuck guy to un-tuck.

I also just picked up a pair of new NHL spec CCM pants, and I had my concerns with being able to tuck or not, before I made the decision to get the pants I experimented with my original post and liked it.

I'm not trying to push anyone towards or away from Monster, just throwing my 2 cents in there.

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C/A - Brown from 1987!
Pants - Vaughn 3700  Large (Looking for a pair of Tackla Pro Keepers from 2005 or earlier) Need XL pants.

C/A is tucked into pants.  C/A has two wraps of sock tape around my body between my gut and moobs.  It stays put and does not move!  Suspenders over top of c/a.

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New set up:

Brian’s SZ3 Chesty

Warrior Ritual Pro breezers, inner belt removed

I sewed a loop to tie into my breezers.


Next step is to connect the loops from the back plate of my chesty to the fight strap loop of my breezers.

Braces under the chesty.

Still experimenting with set up.

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Simmons 995 C/A with a webbed key-chain sewn to the inside belly that connects to some 10 year old Vaughn Senior pants with a mini-carabiner.  The back has a bungee cord loop w/carabiner tied to a strap guide on the C/A which attaches to a loop on the back of the pants.  Untucked but no chance for gaps.

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On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 10:03 PM, TheGoalNet said:

C/A: Howard V6 Pro Return x TGN Spec (Probably for sale soon)

Pants: CCM HP12 Canes Pro Stock 

How Do I Wear it?: Pants are worn semi-loose and held up with suspenders. C/A has Mrazek straps to hold the suspenders in place. C/A is tucked in and very tight to my torso. I have an extra set of straps that run under my arm pits. I also have a fighting strap the connects the C/A in the back 

Any Issues?: Unit is amazing in use, but it's a bit complicated to put on in the room. 


@TheGoalNet - What are Mrazek straps?

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Ok finally got around to snapping some pics:

C/A: Vaughn V6 2200

Pants: Vaughn Legacy 4000 (classics!)

How Do I Wear it?: Ive modded my chesty and pants with buckles on both the front and back of both the chesty and pants.  No suspenders.  Straps and buckles keep the pants up.  (See pics below)

Any Issues?: Nope.  Now that ive added the straps i can adjust the tension on the front and back of the pants to how i  want it each and every time i  strap up.








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21 hours ago, TheGoalNet said:

nice stuff @Doobiesnax you’ve really personalized your gear 

how goes your overall on ice performance? 

Its actually been great man.  I feel super comfortabe and confident out on the ice, I actually racked up my second shut out of the season this morning! 

Being able to modify my gear has been awesome as I have been able to tinker until it feels right.  This site and its members have really aided in rekindling my passion for playing goal, I can't thank you guys enough!

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So tried something different for my game last night. Ended up tying the front of my C/A to my pants (still untucked, with suspenders under C/A) 

Definitely like the change. Nothing drastic, but definitely felt more protected and secure. I'll try this some more and see if I want to connect it in the back and/or tuck and wear suspenders over the unit. 

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23 minutes ago, Kyle Breeze said:

Personally I tuck the chesty into loose pants with a tight inner belt. Tie it down tight and thats it. I wear a McIntyre pro return 1s chesty and Nexus 9000 pants and I love the feel of the tuck. Give it a try maybe? @coopaloop1234

Tried it at home actually and the method I mentioned above was the one I settled on. I've been untucked forever. 

I did like the snug feeling tucked gave, just haven't figured out how to make it so the c/a doesn't pop out. I'll keep messing around at home. 

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Righty my turn

C/A: CCM Premier modded

Pants: Bauer Supreme 1.9

How Do I Wear it?: I tuck my chest and wear braces over my C/A, The C/2 is far to big so i modded the closing at the back which means the sides of the C/A wrap nearly all the way around me. I also added a Skate lace to the front flap of the C/A which i tie into the front of my pants. This stops the flap moving my jock.

Any Issues?: No, apart from the C/A being kinda meh and me getting alot of stingers in it, But mobility is good and im fully covered.

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C/A: Vaughn 5500

Pants: CCM Premier Pro

I tuck my C/A in and have my suspenders hold my C/A down. Wished Vaughn would still make the 5500. Its by far the best mobile C/A I have used. And the protection is pretty good. 


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