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2018 Olympic Gear


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Special event, special thread... what do you think? 

Here is Maxwell's and Zapolski's setups. Maxwell’s are best of the Olympics in my opinion 


Maxwell was nice enough to tell us about his setup...

“So I switched to optiks without trying or even seeing them before. They are unbelievable, never had anything like it.”

”Opti slide is better than speed skin.”

”Wore them once and they’re game ready.”

”I got them stock because I believe Brian’s does everything for a reason and it works so I didn’t want to change much. 34+2 fly”

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1 hour ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Wait a minute hold on hold on...Canada is wearing those jerseys?  What happen to their ugly version of the dragon skin jersey that USA is wearing?

I’m curious if these stick around until 2022 for WJC and other international events like has been the previous precedent... this current batch of Nike unis are bad. It’s a shame because their last bunch was probably their best 

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1 hour ago, creasecollector said:

Enroth - Team Sweden - CCM Revolution

jhonas-enroth team sweden olympics 2018.jpeg

Lots of people seem to hate on this graphic but I think it looks very nice

On a somewhat unrelated note Koho is dead and people should embrace embrace the evolution (or revolution) of the new gear from Lefebvre.

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