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On 12/3/2017 at 3:25 AM, keeperton said:

I'm 5'7" and use a 26" by Sherwood standards, no idea how you tall guys use such short paddles in your stance.

5´11" and I use Bauer 25". There was a photo in Warrior Finland IG that Laurent Brossoit use 22" Warrior with extra long shaft.

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6’ 1.5” but 6’4” on skates, I think your height on skates is more relevant because of different skate height, you could have a guy that’s in 1s skates grafs and they’ll be different....anyways I buy Bauer sticks as 27” a paddle but I cut the paddle like Lundquist so when I’m done with it it’s about 25 3/4”

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Switched to the 25” Lie 12 CCM and love it. Naturally sets my hand perfectly. As a reminder, I’m about 6’2”.

My CR1 25” is a lie 14 and feels a little short. Crazy how much the lie can impact things and that the industry has basically gone away from discussing that at Retail. Overall, CR1 seems like a solid stick 

Even though both sticks are variations of the Price curve, the Warrior plays almost 1" shorter because of the differences in lies. 

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