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As what the "Show off your Gear" thread was for a second, let's all show pictures of our favourite furry little critters.

Who doesn't love showing off their pets while simultaneously ignoring everyone else's?

I'll Start.

9 year old cat, he's missing a lot more teeth now.


1 Year old Pup. Softest Soul to ever exist.


And here he is with my sisters (left) and Parents (right) Dogs.


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Great topic!   So many of my good pictures of the pets are at home on the computer I use for Photoshop/Lightroom, but I've got a couple on my phone:

Vladimir Katstintinov (named after my favorite player of all time)


My brother's cat Perri, who looks and acts a little like Batman:


And my sister's cat Noah, who we accuse of being Hannibal Lechter in feline form.  He's a total charmer, right up until he decides to rip your face off and eat it!


My wife and I also have 2 more cats, and there are several more and a dog in the extended family, but I don't have good pics handy for them. 

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12 hours ago, MangoRhinehart said:

Here are my bitches. Zoe, 6 years old, gunmetal, 80lbs and Elly, 1 year, black and 60lbs. Both are giant schnoodles. My in-laws have their siblings as well. Jack at 9 years, 130lbs and Louise (Wheezy) at 55lbs


Schnoodles look wonderful! How are they as a breed and health/longevity?

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I adopted Iris in 2012 when she was 3 years old. Deaf, but super smart. Very strong, athletic and driven. 

21263746282_1135e5a114.jpgIMG_9225 by bman32_320, on Flickr

16081781411_8bae713abb.jpgIMG_6413 by bman32_320, on Flickr

15356423169_7a4138e9c0.jpgIMG_2868 by bman32_320, on Flickr

I finally adopted a friend for Iris earlier this month. Maxwell is just over 6 months old. Spent a fair amount of time with animal control and a couple rescue groups so he's a bit behind on training. Needs almost constant supervision inside. I think he's going to grow up to be a bit of a beefy doofus. His legs are super thick compared to Iris and he's putting on muscle fast. So far he's really mellow and calms down really quick for his age. Iris is more of the playful puppy between them.

31966979147_fff7f9fb57.jpg2T1A3242 by bman32_320, on Flickr

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