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Coronavirus - What are you doing to pass the time during lock down?


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Still working (and unless my uni shuts down they're going to keep running mail/freight, so bleh), going to start using the treadmill at my Mom's house, got a pull-up bar in my basement. Need to start a stretching routine.

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I work for a medical device component manufacturer, so my company is essential per the dept. of homeland security and I have been working all week and may be working through the weekend if a couple of our key suppliers are possibly forced to shutdown in Illinois by Monday.  Otherwise, back to work on Monday, no downtime.  Prepping what I can outside of work hours incase there is a complete shutdown nationwide.  Playing goalie was my one outlet.  I'm ready to get to my storage unit and get my old set of RBK's with slideplates and mess around in the garage.  Might put my rollerfly on over the laced in slide plates cause I dont want to unlace them out of the pads.  Also not going to mess up my freshly cleaned up ice pads.  Haven't played inline since I moved to Wisconsin a few years ago, but really miss sliding around.  Happy to be working right now.  Feel bad for the people forced out of work with no food or money saved.  Now is the time for someone to build a VR goalie game.

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Did just get set up to work from home.  Will do that for a while.  Hoping to eventually get back to the office.  Architectural designer, so I can do some of my work remote, but so far finding it cumbersome to collaborate with co-workers when needed, it was always so easy to just walk over and ask a question or whatever, now it is at mercy of e-mail and response time is so much longer.

Did take some time to refurbish my helmet, cleaned and polished the shell, added new padding and a new cage to replace the old one that was all bent from a few puck impacts.  Now I am really looking forward to my next net session, switching from that messed up "straight" bar cage, to a Cheater cage.  Wearing it around home seems to offer quite a different view.

Really missing being out on the ice.  I was supposed to start up a skating session tonight, for a few months with a group of friends, but with rink closure, not entirely sure if/when we will get together for that.  I don't usually get to play net for that group, which is maybe better for my ego, as I fear they would put a lot past me. 

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I am also working from home right now, which is nice, so I can't complain.

Looked over my gear yesterday checking if it needed any repairs or general maintinence (need to do some sewing on my neck guard). Also keeping it out of the bag to air things out for awhile. On another gear-related note, I'm also dangerously looking on SideLineSwap for a new stick that I clearly don't need.

Also looking at goalie videos to learn technique that I'll forget in a month. 😅

I'm really missing the ice as well. I'm supposed to start our annual summer shinny with some of my buddies in May, but who knows if that's going to happen right now. 

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